Spring Forward, Before You Fall Behind

Holy Crap!!!! Has it been over a month since I’ve posted last? Time has passed so quickly lately. For those of you wondering where the post have been, let me set you mind at ease. It isn’t because I gave up. It’s not because I’m down and out about about myself. It’s not because I am in a bad place. The time between posts has been for good reason.

For those of you who know, in my spare time I host two podcasts. and the month of march has been so big for both This Freakin Show & Just Freakin Wrestlin. The views and popularity of my shows have grown better than i could have imagined. We opened an online store to sell merchandise. And with JFW, we are developing more partnerships with Wrestling Companies & wrestlers. It’s has taken a lot of my time away from this journal and my journey.

Luckily, with this success, I have been able to take to positive from this and help me personally too. It took much longer than wanting to, but I’ve finally got my mind clear and found a place of acceptance on “friendships”, or lack there of.

I have put too much effort into the wrong things and the wrong people. People who I thought were meant to be in my life to better, were actually in my life to better theirs. And that may sound odd or egotistical like my life some how betters other. But live the life I live with the people who come and go and tell me I’m wrong.

I’m not going to change who I am because of experiences I have had over the last year. I can only try so much, before trying starts to feel like a waste. tomorrows keep coming and the sun is still rising. as 2019 moves forward, so will I. I’m going to be 30 this year, high school is over and I am ok with goodbye being goodbye without having to say it.

It’s been such a long time where I can lay down to sleep with out checking off everything I need to worry about. I stress myself out too much over things that can’t be fixed instantly. time to focus on whats important once again: my health, my family, and my life.

Too many things are changing lately, and my journey needs to not be one of them. I know what I have to do and with the news weather and new support in my life, I’m ready to hit it head on.

Special shout out to a few amazing people in my life currently who I know I can count on in one way or another.

Jackie Biggs – one of the best guest I ever had on my podcast and become a good friend through some messed up moments in my life recently. Plus, she is the queen of Keto and I know I can turn to her with almost anything.

Stephanie Johnson – Doesn’t matter how crappy my day is, her goofiness makes me smile so much lately. I’m happy we started talking and hope to hang out soon

Dana Belske – she will tell you I’ve helped her so much through a lot. But I can honestly say I have done nothing nearly what she has done for me. I’m not a good friend too often, but she still sees the good in me. And it’s friend like her that show me how much I should be appreciated.

Shalmar & Nene – if it wasn’t for you 2 at work, there is no way I would be able to stay in check. You guilt me so much…. but it’s in a very good way. And thank you for pushing me to do the Polar Plunge. It was a great experience to go through once.

Ashley  – You moving away fucking killed me. But you need to do what you have to for you. No matter how far you move away from me, I know how supportive you will be in whatever i do. So lucky to have a sister like you.

Mom – If it wasn’t for you, I would have achieved absolutely nothing since last January. It don’t matter if it’s a bribe for a trip, getting a membership at the gym, calling me out on what I eat, or encourage me not to quit on my self; you push me to be the absolute best I can be.

There are so many of you out there who believe in me and I don’t want you to think i forgot about you.

Because of you all, I know for certain, I am not alone in this. Now, time to get my head out of my ass and get shit done.

Accountability & Progress



Admitting Mistakes & Accepting Failures

The whole point of this Journal is to keep myself accountable through my journey. I have not done that. I have lied to myself and all of you through these passed 9 months, and it’s time to be honest.

First, lets talk about the weight that I claim to have lost. In May I was down to 379. I have stated how through all my struggles I have maintained this weight and kept pushing forward. It’s a lie. Through the remainder of the year and up until now I gained back 15 pounds that I worked hard to lose. Maybe if I kept my promise to myself and to you all, maybe I could have stayed on top of that. But what has been done is done.

I cheated the diet every chance I could. Eating crap when I was able to thinking to myself that it will be fine cause it’s just this one thing and then back to it. But again, excuses and weaknesses cause me nothing but failure to my journey.

The biggest thing with me right now is something I have only told one person. And I thank them for not saying anything to anyone. But, I’m not happy. I haven’t been for a long time. This isn’t because of a diet, or a relationship, or finances, or family / friends. I go through periods of just giving up. I just don’t want to do anything at all. People wonder why I sit at home all the time and never want to get out, it’s cause I just don’t want to be around people. Maybe it’s repeated disappointments from the past or me being too hard on myself, but they happen. They don’t last forever, but they do happen. I promise you all it’s not an “Ending My Life” situation. It’s just a “Let Me Work Through My Shit” situation.

I don’t tell you all this for sympathy or pity. I tell you this because I have to start being honest with what I put on here. I have always pride myself on being an honest person. If I don’t have that, then what do I have?

So good news time!

Dieting have started this week finally and I have seen good starting results. I invested in a workout program called DDP Yoga (DDPY). I started it yesterday and I already feel a different in me. I’ve also stuck to fasting and eating what I should be eating.

Yes, I said February is suppose to begin 2019, but I failed at that. But, you have to learn from failure and not let it define you. I gonna learn from my mistakes from this month….. year and realize that I need to remember why I started this to begin with….. So you all can have me for as long as you can.

I can’t promise I won’t fail again, but i can promise it won’t cause me to tear myself down to where I can’t build myself up.

Accountability & Progress


2019 Starts in February

When you lie about your own progress, you’re just cheating yourself. My 2019 journey through January has been a bust. I won’t lie or even pretend it hasn’t. Let me tell you why and how I am planning on fixing this.

So it’s no surprise or secret that I am a fan of the Keto Diet. Through the first 5 months of 2018 I stayed like 85% committed to it and saw very god results. I’m sure if the summer was better than it was for me mentally and emotionally, I probably would have had a full successful year. But that’s not the case and instead of moving forward with the journey, I just gave up.

I did move forward a bit towards the end of the year, but no where close to what I am capable of. Because of this, my weight loss peaked in May and fluctuated through the remainder of the year. All the failure falls on the shoulders of me and me alone.

My biggest failure when it came to the diet stopping was I put too much reflection f my diet into other people. I preached a lot on how when it comes to dieting (especially for me) mental motivation is huge. If your heart and mind is not in it, you will fail. And I allowed my lows get the best of me.

January wasn’t a reflection of a low point mentally, but pure laziness. I just had no personal drive to want to do the diet. Even when it came to eating Keto Friendly for most of it, it means very little when you choose not to be active or cheat excessively.

And that is what the title of the Post means. with January passed and have no way of changing it, it’s time to get back to the reality of what is best for me. I have a long road ahead of me to lose these next 50-70lbs and it all starts today.

One big thing different from this year from last year is inputting gym time into the journey. With the help and support from my little sister, it will be alot easier to get myself out of the house and to the gym. It’s unfortunate that I only have a few months left with her before she leaves, but hopefully by that time, the idea of going 4 times a week would be the norm for me and i will still go even when it’s alone.

For those who don’t know, I have a podcast. And i was able to talk with someone who has so much knowledge of the Keto Diet that it has helped me with things I didn’t know about and gave the drive to make it work once again.

by the time I’m 30 at the end of May, I hope to be down to 320. That is going to be my goal for now and if this is where I end up, I would be okay with that. But like any journey, it’s one step at a time & one day at a time.

Accountability & Progress



Run Your Race at Your Pace

It has been 18 days since I started the 2019 Healthy Life Style journey and so far….. so okay. It’s not the same instant progress that 2018 brought, but progression is positive. For me it seemed to be discouraging; as you recall in a previous entry I’m a huge fan of instant gratification. But, luckily, with a more forward positive thought process going into this year, I am going to take patience over gratification.

So to start off this year right I went ahead and got some things that I have seemed to neglect in my life previously to help aid in this new life style. I picked up some vitamins that are suppose to help out with the Keto Diet, as well as got my Keto Air Fryer Cookbook that i can’t wait to utilize as much as possible this coming year.

Something I want to incorporate into this diet that attempted last year and failed to commit to was the 8/16 intermittent fasting. which simply explained is 8 hours of eating and 16 hours of fasting.

I did some research and looked into the best, positive way for this to work for me and hope that putting it into action will get me those results i am looking for.

Also, a huge thing is maintaining 100%  honestly and accountability on what I consume on a daily basis. There are days I cheat and sneak the unwanted foods i shouldn’t have and really, it’s only cheating myself.

With the help of my co-workers who are on their own life style change journeys and the support from friends and family, 2019 will be more success than 2018.

Not saying 2018 wasn’t a success. 65lbs is a good start… but it’s not the finish line.

And if I end up crossing my finish line this year, it doesn’t mean it’s over. It will just mean it’s time to start a new race. To use last year as an example; my goal was to lose over 100lbs. but just cause i fell short of the goal and didn’t complete that journey does not mean that it was a lost cause. It just prepped me for the future journeys I have in front of me.

Run your race the best you can. It’s doesn’t matter if you lead the pack or get lapped. As long as you believe in yourself and push yourself beyond what you believe your limits are, they is always a finish line in site.

Accountability & Progress


New Year Started Right

This post will be brief since the New Year just began and not a whole lot has happened. But, Being back on the Keto Diet for just the one week so far has really been noticeable. Not so much in the physical appearance way, but the way i feel.

I am starting up the gym in 2019 again to help attack weight loss on both sides (dieting and exercise). Luckily through my new job, there is an awesome incentive for going to the gym that i would foolish not to take the opportunity to do.

Also, my awesome new co-workers are there to help keep me in check and not to stray off the journey. I’m also excited cause i was told of  a Keto Air fryer cookbook that i should receive this week. time to get life in order and move forward.

I am really excited to see what 2019 has in store for me, since 2018 was more or less a shit show. and it nothing to do with any one, it has do do with the diet and journey. But this will work and I will start rebuilding my happiness.

Accountability and Progress


Excuses are Easier Than Results

Diet isn’t all about actions and planning. Dieting is also a mind set. I tried to motivate myself into believing that I maintain the right mindset going into this Journey and thought that not matter what, I was doing this the right way. I was not….

It has been a couple days short of a year since I began this journey and started committing myself to living a healthier life style. I encouraged myself and motivated myself to be the best I can be to become who I knew I was capable of being. No matter the time frame; whether it be instant or over time, you will eventually realize your failures. The most dangerous failures in the world are the self destructive ones you don’t realize you are causing for yourself.0

I have mentioned it over and over that in May I reached a weight loss point of 60lbs. Summer hit and the emotions of everything derailed me from my goal for well over 4 months and didn’t even have the motivation to move forward with it. It took the words and responses from those who read this journal to tell me how this has helped you and motivated you in your lives. That sparked the drive i was missing to move forward.

I jumped back into this only to once again lose focus and motivation. I sit there and say I put forth the effort 100% and check the scale daily to see any progress. Without the outcome of a weight drop I felt that maybe dieting through Keto has plateaued and that maybe it just won’t work for anymore. I said that this diet would work better if i could afford the proper foods and was able to afford groceries to buy to meal prep and eat right. I said the drive wasn’t there cause the change will mean nothing.

Looking back on all the reasons I’ve stated in the past about the diet not working it was a wake up call that these reasons and nothing more than poor excuses to laziness. it’s not that it cant work for me, it’s that i’m not allowing it to work.

I can easily buy the food i need instead of the quick fixes from fast food places. Despite how i feel about the change reflecting people, I know that family and friends want me to become more healthy. It’s selfish of me to allow laziness to prevent the change without taking into account that the wrong path can cause me to live a shorter life than what the people in my life expect me to have.

How lazy do you have to be to not make the thought of dying at a young age a great motivation factor to make a life style change? I need to stop finding excuses and embrace reasons. I made promises to people that I will be around for a long time and I guess i need to uphold my end of the deal.

2019 is a new beginning to the same journey. I hope that the support will continue and that this journey helps you all as well.

Hope everyone’s holidays were amazing and that you can enjoy this time with the ones you love.

Accountability and Progress

– Travis-T

Got the Biggest Piece of the Wish Bone

The past couple weeks have been the best I’ve had in a long time. There has been so much happiness that occurred that it’s hard to describe it in words. But, of course I can talk and talk and talk and talk.

Thanksgiving is always one of the hardest times of year for people. whether it be cause of difficult family members, ridiculous  travels, your team losing, dry turkey, or even diets. But luckily i was able to maintain a great deal of control when it came to the food to commit 80% to my dieting.

Every year my siblings and i go to my dads for Thanksgiving. Doing so, we have Thanksgiving with my mom early. The Saturday before Thanksgiving my mom had the family at the house for dinner. All the kids plus some great friends who were able to join us as well. Over the years, my weakness at thanksgiving have become sweet potatoes. Not so much the Sweet Potato itself, but the brown sugar and marshmallow of the dish. This was just one of many awesomely prepared things that i did not indulge in. My main meal consist of Turkey, Ham, Devil Eggs, and 7 Layer Salad. And luckily, this was more than enough for me to have a wonderful dinner. Plus, even though my mom is the most supportive person to my Healthy Life Style, she still packed me some pasta salad to take home. (apparently i was suppose to pick the noodles out… meh)

Follow my mom’s Thanksgiving, was my dad’s on Thanksgiving day. And luckily, my dad thought of my as well when preparing dinner. Now it may seem like a normal thing to say, but my dad grew up with the mind set that if something works, why fix it. So changing anything from the norm is rare at Thanksgiving. But he was able to make me the awesome green olive salad, devil eggs, and my tradition…. the turkey leg. I won’t lie though, did have a spoon of his stuffing.

All and all, my Thanksgivings were awesome. Both because of the company and food that was there.

Surprisingly, this wasn’t the biggest surprise of the holiday season. Starting on Mid-December I will be leaving my current job and starting a new career somewhere else. I was so hard to give notice to a company that you saw as something you were helping to become an Elite Dealership, but sometimes you need to look at your life and find what is best for you.  I will always appreciate the opportunities Transchicago have given me and the people i have met along the way. I know they will still stand and do great things without me and i hope them all the best and they have wished me.

It’s not even a new chapter in my life….. this is a whole new book. In about 34 days is when i started this journey. the goal i set for myself is still far out or reach still. But that doesn’t mean it is a fail or it is over.

It’s a new beginning, a new day, a new me. Not even Christmas yet, but 2019 starts right now.

Accountability & Progress

– Travis-T