A Person of Size – My Trip to Orlando

As mentioned in the previous entry, i had a trip to Orlando this past week. I just to keep you guys updated on my trip, and also so downfalls i had that may have cause me to lose out on a week of weight loss.

So first of all, The one concern i was focused on about this trip was the seating in the plane. As i feared, the seats on Southwest were smaller than the Seats on United that i flew back in September. Unfortunately, i had to sit in the middle seat cause the teenage princess needed her aisle seat to be a bitch. Luckily, however, the man  who sat next to window offered to keep the arm rest up between us to allow me extra room. The single act of kindness from this guy made my ride so much easier and a lot more comfortable.

So on to the fails of dieting on this trip. There were so many horrible choices and options during the sessions. They had tables full of chips, candy bars, soda, oatmeal bars, and juice. At first i thought this was gonna be hell. So, realizing my options were slim between breakfast and dinner, i went for the diet soda and the granola bars. I didn’t keep track or count the carbs so i couldn’t tell you how much i at. The dinners, however, were amazing and may Keto Friendly options that i didn’t struggle for food. My dinner consist of pork, salad, some veggies, and chicken. For this evening, I enjoyed a Vodka & Water…. I enjoyed many Vodka & Waters.

The following morning was the easiest meal I had to put together and enjoy. Eggs, Bacon, & Coffee was the best breakfast i knew i was gonna have here, so i made it count. Nothing too special through the rest of the day, skipped snacks and the dinner was very similar. The only difference on this evenings dinner was Jalapenos filled with Cream Cheese Wrapped in Bacon. This was my Heaven.

Working nights at my job made waking up in the morning extremely difficult. where i normally wake up at 10:30 am, i was now waking up at 5:00 am. It was so hard to get up on the last day that i skipped breakfast and prayed for lunch. At lunch i ate a sandwich. a legit sandwich on bread. Believe it or not, it was much different to me from the lettuce wraps I’ve been having lately. I think i actually came to realization i prefer lettuce wraps over bread. What a crazy world.

Even though the flight home was delayed by an hour, it was better than the flight there. First reason was because i was coming home. Second reason is that the flight wasn’t full and i was able to opt for the additional seat for the “person of size” program at the airport. Apparently, if your big enough, you can get a second seat complimentary. It was embarrassing to have to do it, but i really wanted to be comfortable.  I am hoping that at the end of this journey i won’t need that option anymore.

My next Summit is Feb 4, 2018 to Austin Texas… I will only need one plane seat.

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Somethings Fit Better than Others

Today marks the first 30 full days of This Freakin Journey. As this started out strictly as weight loss goals and healthier living…. it became so much more than that!  This first month of 2018 has brought more happiness than I thought i would ever find. Not only is my current weight loss total is at 26lbs, in just the first month, but doing this has brought back a couple friendships i thought were lost forever.  This Journey has proven to me that it doesn’t matter if you go 6 months, 4 years, or even 10 years without talking with someone, the time is irrelevant when you need true support. I couldn’t never begin to thank you all who keep building me up and pushing me to be a better me.

So, I feel I am on track with what my goal is. Starting this, I wanted to drop 5lbs a week until May 26th (My Birthday…. Mark your calendars). Currently I’m 6 pounds beyond my goal and it is only going forward. I’m not looking for cheat days, just a bite of something, or a just this one time excuse to fail. I have to believe in what I am doing 100% to have the results I want. As long as I continue to eat right and steer clear of chocolate, sugar, Popsicle, and bread i should be good to keep this trend going.


Over the last couple weeks, I have notice things haven’t fit quite right in my life anymore. My watch and Fitbit became looser and my pants don’t seem to stay up as much anymore. I am not complaining one bit about this either! Over the last 10 years I have gained weight and ballooned up, but never got rid of my clothes. I always said i will fit into them one day and if things go right, that day could be coming soon.

The biggest worry i have about “fitting” is my flight to Orlando this coming Monday. I hate flying to begin with, but the fact that the seats on the flight is only 17in wide is garbage. A guy at work told me that you could purchase an additional seat and they will reimburse you for it when your trip is over. But also, if the flight isn’t full, you could see if you can get it complimentary. Now, I flew United in September and was able to fit in the flight, but i do not know the seat difference in United and Southwest. Regardless if i need it or not, I’m so gonna request a free additional seat. The thought of being the guy who would need it sucks, the why care about a flight full of people I don’t know thinking what they think of it. To be honest, they prolly wouldn’t even give it a thought. So we will see how this trip is and how the flight goes.

Finally, I want to send out a congratulations to everyone you are in the progress of their own journeys and are staying connected with me to help each other stay motivated through the struggles. The family and friends I have makes this journey so much easier.

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Shirts vs Skins

So since my last post, there hasn’t been anything new or anything special to report about my journey. the weight loss is still going great and everything is still going in the right direction. I do have an extreme craving for Taco Bell tacos, but the reward is worth the sacrifice.

So, in my first post I shared a story about how weight had an impact in my childhood, and i thought maybe I’d share another one. Now, these stories aren’t for people to pity me or feel sorry for me. I share these stories cause that is what this journey is all about; take memories from my past to create moments in my future.

Also, some people may read this story and think I was being dumb or idiotic in my actions and should have sucked it up instead of acting like I did. Well, your opinion is may be important to some people, but it’s not important to me. Also, this event took place 17 years ago and until time travel is possible…. can’t change it. So, now that everyone thinks something horrible is about to be told, rest assure, it’s not as bad as I’m making it out to be.

When I was 11 years old I participated in elementary school basketball. My school had 2 teams: the Black Team (these were the more “talented” players from 5th & 6th Grade) and the Gold Team (the players you can’t cut cause everyone gets to participate). Well, let me tell you, I was not on the Black Team, and that was something I was okay with. I didn’t care what team i was on, I just wanted to play basketball. Even though we had to different teams, we still all practiced together, and had scrimmage games against each other.

So, there was one practice where we were setting up a scrimmage against both teams, and instead of having us wear our own colored uniforms, they decided black will be shirts and gold will be skins. You can guess my level of enthusiasm for this idea being the only fat kid on either team. So, as we were getting ready to start, I told the Coach that I didn’t want to take my shirt off, I’d rather leave it on. Now, to this day, i’m not sure if the coach was really understanding about it, or deep in his head he thought i was being a baby about it. But he said fine no big deal, just turn your shirt around. I was the only fat kid on either team, and i was the only “skin” wearing a shirt.

At this moment i thought everything was fine and that I avoided embarrassment, but i guess the rest of the kids weren’t as respecting of my wished as the coach showed to be. there were a few kids mocking me, not only for y weight, but also for not willing to take my shirt off. A few of the kids actually tried to rip my shirt off of me.  To be honest, there wasn’t a moment where i remember the coach trying to stop the kids from doing this until i express a very high level of panic.

After a few minutes of this cruelty, it ended and we were finally able to actually practice. I stayed through practice and afterwards i had the immediate urge to just quit cause this didn’t feel like a team to me anymore. A team is suppose to build you up, not break you down. But in the end, i decided to stay on the team. Regardless of how these classmates acted towards me, I wasn’t out there for them anymore. I decided from that moment i needed to be out there for me.

This isn’t one of those moments i held on to for years and could never let go. This moment isn’t something i used as an excuse for my weight gain as some dark moment in my life that put me in a dark place. I never thought of this moment until i this year when all the past moments in my life that have occurred due to my weight.  I couldn’t tell you who was at that practice, who was making fun of me, or who was trying to get me to take my shirt off. They don’t matter anymore. It’s the bad events in our life that help show how strong we can be. If we don’t have struggles, we will never know how much we are capable of surviving.

That elementary school basketball team was not a team. A real team is us. All of us have the ability to help each other achieve our goals and becoming a better version of ourselves. Don’t ever think you’re alone in this world. We all have bad days, and if you ever need a boost to overcome a bad day, not only am i here, but your team is here as well.

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Near Death Experience

Before you worry, I didn’t actually almost die… I was just being a baby. Before i get to my story, let me get you updated on my current weight loss. To date, i am at 22lbs down!!! This is the joy I have had in my life for the last year. Now i don’t mean to take away from anything anyone has done for me or the fun I have had. With the amazing people I surround myself with, everyday is filled with consistent happiness. But this happiness is totally different. This is a personal happiness that I have longed for for many years. I started this journey thinking it will be the hardest thing i would ever have to do, but the support from the amazing people in my life have made it so much easier.

Ok, so let me explain the title to this post. Every other Thursday I have to be at work 2 hours early for a meeting that I lead to help improve the business I work for. For some odd reason, today my alarm didn’t go off and I was running late. By the time I got cleaned up, i had no time to make breakfast or pack a lunch. So i arrived to work, on time, with no food in my lunch bag nor in my belly. After the meeting and got settled into work i decided i had to eat.

I spent a lot of time looking for Keto alternatives for Fast Food for situations such as this. Today i decided i was goin for a Mushroom Swiss Burger from McDonald’s. Got to the drive thru order my sandwich bunless, extra mayo.  Got my food, headed back to work, and began to enjoy my very delicious meal. If you haven’t had the Mushroom Swiss Burger from McDonald’s, I totally recommend it!

As I’m eating my sandwich with a fork and knife, I felt something was different about the sandwich. Since i work while i eat it didn’t dawn on my that they included the bottom bun to this meal and it took my to halfway through the sandwich to realize i was eating the bun as well. Felt bummed by the carbs, but figured shit happens and finished the sandwich without the remaining bun.  About 30min after I felt an odd pain in my stomach. Instantly my mind went to, “Crap, the carbs are gonna kill me!” First thing i did was contacted my friend, who is also on Keto and has been a huge supporter through this all, to let her know i ate bread and i think it’s gonna end me.

This is the conversation:

“I ate bread and now my stomach hurts…. am I goin to die?”

Her response, ” Hahaha nooo” “How much did you have”

Now, my first thought was, if shes wondering how much….. could too much really been the end!?  but after a brief conversation I realized it was maybe just a bit of guilt for it.

I never thought i would take this diet so serious. But this is my opportunity to become a more healthy me so i can be around for a long time for those who see value in me. Plus, beach season is coming soon 😉

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My First Shopping Experience

Right off, i want to say to date I am 18 pounds down on my journey. Figure i get the great new out of the way before the good news. I am very happy with how my life has changed in such a short time and look forward to it getting even better.

So today was my first time shopping since starting the Keto Diet. Before now i kind of just made due with what i had around the house to work with. An amazing person told me that in order to be successful in shopping is to always go with a list. I took her advice and made a list of thing is need to get get and ONLY stick to that list. Well…… needless to say my shopping trip was without the list. I forgot it at home and immediately went into defense mode on what i wanted vs what i needed. The list wasn’t hard to remember; celery, lettuce, mayo, and cheese. Very simple and very easy to do. I got everything i wanted, plus a few extra things. I got lunch meat, which if you know me you know I love sandwiches, and also bought a case of La Croix. I never had La Croix so this will me interesting to try.

Over all my trip was a success and quite easy when i just looked at the carb count of most things. Now the next thing to do is to remove temptation. You would not believe the amount of uneatable food I have a hunting my cabinet. between the oatmeal, cereal, and pasta, it’s a diet fail nightmare. I spoke with my mom and I think what I’m gonna do is collect everything i can’t eat and just donate it to a local church for low income families. I developed this urge to give back and help out, and this is a small way of doing that.

The last thing i want to talk about in this post is the support i have been getting. A few of my friends are on this journey with me and they have been big supporters and also the best people to help keep me accountable. My sister is also part of this diet and it’s great to do this together. Even the greatest person I know, who has recently come back into my life, has given me the most support and help me stay in check. She is truly amazing. Out of everyone and everyday, i have gotten one negative response from someone.

And I gonna state what i have stated before….. Regardless of how you feel about the diet I am, on, how i choose to pursue this journey, or the way I have decided to post about it on this blog has no negative effect on you. So, I will ask for the last time, Keep your shitty opinions to yourself. I have spent years screwing up my health and not taking the risk of dying young seriously. 2018 is not a new chapter in my life, it’s a whole new book. I’m not asking to be a part of it, I’m asking you to stay out of it. If you have struggles in your life and you reaction is to break down others, STOP. Be the bigger person and find a positive way to change your negative life

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Maybe it is an Unlucky Number.

Five days into this weight loss journey has brought more happiness that i have ever felt in any other weigh loss journey I have ever attempted before. It’s not just the amount of weight I have lost already, which to date is 13 pounds, but it cause of you guys and your support.

I found out yesterday that my sister is also on Keto and going through the same struggles i am. Now,it’s very possible she has mentioned this to me before, but with my goofy ass selective memory i really can’t say i remember. But when went out to lunch yesterday to an awesome place i haven’t been to in what felt like at least a year. This place is known for 2 things, Burgers and Beer! Yikes! Now, the burger was easy to figure out, you remove the bun and get it plain with cheese you are good to go. However, this place offers a variety of toppings and specialty burger that make it difficult not to order a unique topping.

So, after looking over the menu at the very first lunch outing I went on since i started i found the perfect set up for me to be ok. I ordered a burger with bacon, jalapeno cream cheese and grilled jalapenos. I love spicy food and thins was absolutely amazing. i also got a salad for a side instead of the fries, but nothing too exciting about a no dressing salad to speak of. For a drink i had ice tea. surprisingly there was no urge for a beer or alcohol of any kind. i was happy with my ice tea and lemon.  All and all, it was an easy experience and had a great time and this may be my go to outing spot since i love burgers.

So let me tell you about a very poor mistake I made last night. The reason i say unlucky number, meaning the 13lbs I have lost so far, is cause it mentally made me make a very dumb mistake. So last night we recorded the Season 3 premier of This Freakin Show and we were able to it together at Travis-T Saloon. Being a special occasion, we decided to have a few drinks. Now sticking to Keto, i was cautious in what i decided on having.  looking through whiskeys, rums, vodka; i settled on a whiskey on rock with some water.  I was gross! No way i could drink it. dumped it out and went for my favorite rum. Realizing I wasn’t into drinking it straight I somehow convinced myself that it was ok to have one soda. So I mixed a can of soda into my drink. As i went through the show drinking my rum and coke i thought nothing of it. But when i finished my drink, i had immediate regret about it. it wasn’t i was worried that i screwed up everything i done in the last week. I was worried about how this could develop into a progression of more worse things.

This is why I’m doing this blog, to let you all know of my fails and success, as this post has both. Even typing this I feel that that soda will be my last for a while. I don’t want to keep letting myself down and i don’t want to let those who support me down.

My friends are awesome, my family is amazing, and my co hosts are incredible to have my back through this whole thing. I will succeed with you all having my back and will take this one fail and turn it into many successes.

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It’s for a Friend

Two days. Two days into my journey has already brought positivity and happiness to my life. That isn’t from the 6lbs I already lost, this could be just a fluctuation of weight that occurs at the beginning of any diet. But the support from friends and family as i begin this journey. It’s weird that it took me to now realize and appreciate the kind words and motivation coming from those around me. Don’t get me wrong, the weight loss is awesome! My digital scale tracks weight so when weight loss occurs the green negative number shows, and its awesome to see that number. Disclaimer: Being color blind to certain colors really doesn’t allow me to see the green that well, but seeing that negative is good enough for me.

So let me tell you about the food i picked up for a “friend”. Starting this journey I knew I had to take meal prep seriously. One of the many things I hope to learn from this Journey is that it’s more cost efficient to cook at home and bring a dinner to work rather than picking up Jersey Mike’s, Taco Bell, Wendy’s, etc.  So i set up a meal to bring to work, packed it up and put it in the fridge ready to go when it’s time to head out. So, if you know me at all, i walked out the door and headed to work without my dinner.

As I pull into work with my stomach craving one of the snacks i packed, it dawned on me that I arrived to work with out food. And this is what i see as my very first major challenge of this journey.

Let me tell you about my work environment and how this day was the day of challenges. First, there are two vending machines right outside the door of our Service Department. When i walked by the chip/candy machine to go outside to smoke, I noticed a bag of chip at the bottom of the vending machine. To me this was a sign to test how much will I have to not eat this free bag of my favorite chips. When i looked further i notice, it wasn’t one bag of free chips, it was a dozen bags of free chips. The snacks were out of date by one day and the vending guy said take them. I looked at this dude like I wanted to push him down, but hell, this guy doesn’t know what i can and cannot eat. But the temptation was not strong enough for me to fail, so all those bags found a spot in my co-workers drawer so they can be enjoyed by everyone else but me…. and I’m actually ok with that. Also, this same co-worker has candy in their drawer that happen to be my favorite candy. Again, stood above the want and focused on need.

So, 6pm rolled around and this was the time i was going to eat my dinner. With my food sitting in my fridge at home, this did no help and had to find an alternative that can be consumed on the Keto Diet. (This is where I may get heat from some people) So Burger King isn’t that far from my shop. They also still have the 2 Whopper for $6. So, I went online to find out what the carb count was on a whopper with no bun. turns out…. a double whopper w/ cheese no bun is only 4 carbs! I thought this can’t be true, no way. But looking around couple spots and I saw the same answer everywhere. So i walked into Burger King and got prepared to order two Whoppers with cheese no bun and as i walked up to the counter I had flashbacks of my days at McDonald’s where people who did this was looked at kind of weird. Like, “Who tries to order healthy at fucking McDonald’s?” Well the girl behind the counter asked me for my order and i begin to order 2 Whoppers, no ketchup & no bun….. and i got the look. With panic of judgement i just said, “Yea, I’m grabbing this for a girl at work.”

After I walked out of their I realize there is no shame in trying to eat right. What you do to benefit yourself should means very little to others. If you’re happy and feel what you do is right, keep that going. Go to Burger King and get your Whopper with no bun, Jersey Mikes Sub in a Tub, McDonald’s Salad, or whatever you may find at your favorite location to still enjoy.

Keep strong on your journey.

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