Better Than Chocolate

Do not worry all, I am still on my journey. It’s been some time since I posted… which is the exact opposite of my plan to post more, but really there hasn’t been any new updates in my journey as of now.

That is the one thing I love about the beginning of a diet, there so much to talk about cause there is so much going on. At the beginning the weight was just dropping off and the excitement was so much more. Recently it seem to drop off slower and slower as i progress. At first it felt like i ran my course with Keto and thought maybe it’s just not working anymore. But I know that, as i mentioned in a previous entry, any loss is good. Not every week is gonna be a game changing week. So the best thing for me to do is stick with what i’m doing and see this through until i reach my over all goal of 140-160lbs.

I started this thing hoping to lose 100lbs by the time i turned 29, but with my birthday being 14 days way and only being at 55lbs, I just don’t see this happening. But, to share a positive note, I have found out that there is a pair of pants that i haven’t been able to fit in that i am now able to fit in. so i’m gonna take that as an early birthday gift to myself.

Also, a couple of my friends have decided to start a journey of their own on Keto. i’m proud that they have chosen to make a life style change and wish them the best of luck and hope they see the results i have from this.

Oh, and if you were curious about the title of the post. My girlfriend always pushed me to stay accountable in making these posts. So, i old her i had a surprise for her (which is me posting without her telling me multiple times). We her response to me about telling her i have a surprise is “chocolate”. my response was simple.

“It’s Better Than Chocolate”

Surprise Darlin’. I can’t thank you enough for being my biggest supporter and always looking out for me. You do more for me than you need to and I couldn’t ask for a better person by my side. Thank you for being who you are without needing to. I am truly blessed.

Accountability and Progress.


Another Huge Milestone!

This pass Thursday I hit the biggest milestone in my Journey. I finally hit 50lb weightloss mark! Well, 51.4lb to be exact haha. Everyday feels like a new day and anew opportunity to improve myself and better myself.

It has been four and a half months since i started Keto and I have to admit, I’m surprise i’m still on it. Typically by this time I have gone back to my normal just eat what ever when and figure it out later. And, I would be a liar if i didn’t try to sneak out of the diet plan to try to create cheat days and maybe even take a week off. The journey has been really difficult and obviously there were hiccups and moments of falling off a small bit that may not have been mentioned, but lets move pass that and move forward.

This Passed weekend I finally was struck with the Keto Flu. I though back in February I went through it and thought that wasn’t so bad….. but I was so wrong! Keto Flu is so horrible. I spent days going from migraines, to massive body temperature fluctuations, dizziness and fatigue.  I think I have finally gotten over it, but we will see if it sneaks back,

I’m not going to make these as long as they use to cause people don’t want to sit and read a chapter. So, we can change it up and these will start being brief updates.

Accountability and Progress


My Perception Over Yours

I have done this diet journey for a little over 4 months now and I am very happy with what i have achieved so far in 2018. As mentioned before, I’m not on the 20lb a month lost track right now but I’m ok with that. I decided to adjust the monthly weight loss ago to 10-15lb. If i hit this goal I will be ok and if i hit more that’s even better. But, what I’m not ok is how lazy or “content” with where I am at right now.

So far into the Month of April I have not lost any weight. I sitting at 388 with no lost, but a fluctuating between 2-3 a day. And my biggest worry came to life this morning that was an instant wake up call that I have to push more now. Let me tell start from earlier last week. I feel my mind has been telling me i’ starting to fail without me realizing it. Tell me what you think.

So this past Tuesday was a normal routine for Travis. Wake up, weigh myself, get cleaned up, get dressed, and go to work. But I felt different about Tuesday than i have about any other day. I felt like I gained all the weight i lost back over night. Not by what the scaled said, but what I saw in the mirror. When I saw myself, I didn’t see the slimming of my neck and gut, but I saw a bloated fat guy who tried to better himself and failed. I’m not sure why I saw what I saw or felt what I felt, but it put me in a sense of “what the hell did i do?”

When i got home I weighted myself again and was the same weight as i was when I woke up that morning and the morning before, 388. But, looking into the mirror I saw something much different than what the scale says. At first i thought it was all in my mind and just thought maybe it’s in my head and thought that as long as the scale shows progress that’s okay. Until my co-worker’s Snapchat.

At work towards the end of my shift and the beginning of my co-worker’s shift he took of snap of me from behind as i was sitting on the stool at work. At first i saw the photo and thought “what a douche! Snapping me without knowing haha.” but I took a second look at that photo and it made me sick to my stomach. I couldn’t believe how fat I look for that photo. Not only did i realize that this is what people see when they look at me, but this was 49lbs less than what I was.

This image depressed me and crushed me all week. I spent years seeing what i look like through my own perception and thought I just looked like a proportioned big guy. But i never thought how other saw me and it’s not good. For 3 days I had this thought of giving up cause I felt no matter the progress and the results, i’m always gonna be this fat slob.

But, that though lasted 3 days. Cause on Friday my rock came over and reminded me that what i’m doing is amazing. Also, I never mentioned this to her so she’s gonna find this out when you all do, Sorry Darlin. I don’t get spend everyday with her like i want to, but those short moments in the week i do, she never stops reminding me that this journey is for me and that I need to do this for me. And she is right.

I will always want this to be a point of motivation for others and love to here that my story is helping you. But in the end, my decisions do effect my health, my appearance, and my life. Plus, she also finds me attractive and I need to start seeing what she sees. She’s amazing.

For the first time I realized that your mind will play tricks on you and will challenge you to see how strong you are. dieting is like love…. you need to listen to your heart more than you brain. Between my family, my friends, my girlfriend, and my supporters I can overcome anything. No matter how hard the days get, i know there is always someone to turn to. And for now on, when I have bad days, the first thing i will do is write about it here (cause that is what this for anyways)

I was going to write about my dinner over the last few days, but i’ll save that of Wednesday/Thursday as i get into writing more.

Accountability & Progress


Keto Easter

This Week has been a great week for me and my journey. I wanted to actually to this a couple days ago, but i wanted to include this weekend as a whole into this post so you can share my enjoyment with me as a collection of awesomeness.

First I want to update you on my progress and a slight adjustment to my goals. So, as i type this I am at 390lbs. In total I have lost 48lbs. Really excited to that moment when I can Proudly say I have lost that First 50….. and I know that day is coming soon! At the beginning my goal was to drop 20lbs a week for a total of 10lbs by my birthday in May. Well at this moment I have accepted that this goal is not going to be met. And I’m with that actually. 50lbs is still the greatest achievement of my life and I won’t be disappointed in that. so staring this month, I’m shooting for 10-15lbs a month. I want to stay close to 2 by shooting for 15, but the minimum goal for me right now is just 10lbs a month. If i can do that, then by 2019 I could be down to 300lbs. So, let’s shoot for that.

Saturday my girlfriend and I found a great recipe for a Chicken Cordon Bleu Casserole. It is 100% Keto Friendly and very easy to make. The recipe is simple to follow and if you would like it, just let me know and i can send it to you. The best part of this Dinner wasn’t that it was easy or that it tasted amazing, but I got to make it with such a wonderful person. I’m so blessed to find a person who is willing to enjoy Keto Meals with me.

Easter was such a concern for me because of how dinner usually is. My mom always goes all out for these dinners and everything is always delicious and I can’t help but over indulge. However, my mom went above and beyond this year just for me. First, lets start with the food. Not only did she make all her amazing (Non-Keto) food for everyone to enjoy, but made things specifically for me!! She made an Appetizer with celery and a cheese/spice blend, A Seven Layer Salad with all Keto Friendly Layers, and of course Deviled Eggs. I enjoyed it all, but in moderation to not over do it. If there is one this you need to know about my mom is that you can always take left overs. Secondly, my mom still does Easter Baskets for her Kids. This year, instead of Candy and Junk Food, my mom got me a bottle of Tito Vodka, Lemons & Limes, and Crystal Light Flavors for water. It was the best basket ever!!!

This was my first family holiday dinner on Keto and I was worried that failure was gonna happen. But i now realize that the people around me will do nothing but lift me up and help me succeed.

Hope you all had a great Easter 2018!!!

Accountability and Progress


Pizza and Thank You.

I feel torn between being proud of my journey and being slightly discouraged that i’m way behind the goal. Now, I know this contradicts what i said a couple weeks ago about a loss is still a win, but this is an important journey in my life. This life style change not only effects my life from a health stand point, but from a physical happiness standpoint. I don’t mean to imply that my physical appearance is important to take into account as i work to achieve my 100lb goal my May 26, but to look good is a good thing too. Anyways, to date i am 45lbs down. by the end of this week I should be at 60lbs, but I don’t see that as happening. And I’m honestly more OK with it than i am not. I’m still happy with the lost weight and won’t discourage myself because it’s not the where i was hoping to be. Lets see if i can maybe hit 50lbs by April 1!!

So I want to talk about how amazing this woman is in my life. And in case you are wondering, yes…. she will be mentioned quite often in these posts. So tonight we made Keto Pizza for Dinner (which if you want the recipe I followed, let me know and i can send it to you). This was the second time we made it and it is always a delicious dinner choice. The first time we made it together was a couple weeks ago and I got to be honest, as happy as i was to actually eat pizza again, the best time i have is making this with her. This woman pushes me to be the absolute best i can be and keeps me in check. Even when I beg for Taco Bell or Nachos at a Wrestling Show, she stands firm and makes me realize that it’s not worth losing progress for food like this.

This week I got a shit ton of chicken. In case you were wondering, a shit ton is a scientific measurement term for a lot. I’m excited that next week i’m gonna live off chicken recipes!!! It all starts with either a Chicken Cordon Bleu Casserole or a Chicken Enchilada Casserole. Either way, they both will be made and enjoyed. But beyond chicken, there are so many recipes that have been found by so many amazing people, I’m excited for Keto Lemon Squares, Peanut Butter Fat Bombs, Keto Cookies, and even try making bread.

To close out this post, I really want to thank some amazing people who have helped me. The first person is my mom. Life has been rough since my change in jobs last year and i don’t make what i use to. I had to make choices and alterations to my life to make sure i get by. One of the things i sacrificed was buying a lot of groceries or even fresh groceries. For most of 2018 every was canned food, soup, cereal, or the half of a cow. Other than the Beef, these other things are “Keto Friendly”. My mom and helped me so much with getting right foods i need and even helped my be able to afford these things. This is an amazing woman that i owe so much to. Secondly, my neighbor Kelly has been a huge help and support. She not only helped me with snack ideas and suggestions like Cheese Crisps / Crackers, but actually picked me up some almond flour. This wasn’t something i asked for, this was her being the awesome person she is. Finally, a huge thank you has to go to my girlfriend. She not only keeps me motivated and in check, but lets me know that no matter what, she will always have my back and i will have her support. Plus, her whole Pinterest is Keto Recipes. Battles cannot be won alone. Sometimes, it takes an army.

Accountability and Progress


Keto Brownies & RC Cola

So this has been a very up and down couple weeks. It has been a couple weeks since i posted and I got to say that i surely miss it. I know I stated in my last post that if you wanted me to post more than i would and man y of you have told me that you did. So many people have told me that it has inspired them and pushed them to create their own Journey to a better life. Well, I feel that maybe i need to keep my word and post more often than I have. So let me catch you up on these last 2 weeks.

First, I want to tell you about the amazing surprise my girlfriend (yes, girlfriend) did for my last weekend. I saw a recipe for Keto brownies and posted on my Facebook as a joke stating that i hope she makes these for me. I never thought that she would actually cause i wasn’t too serious about them. But they were something i figure i would make eventually to help with that horrible craving I’ve been having lately for sweets (especially since my sister’s wedding and her wedding cake i couldn’t have). This amazing person went out of her way to buy the ingredients and make these brownies for me. If you saw my post, you know the recipe calls for some pretty specific (and as i was told annoying to find) ingredients.  I got to be honest with you about these brownies. They do not taste like actual brownies. Not to say they tasted bad at all, but you can’t go into them thinking it’s the replacement for the ones from childhood. But i did truly love them. It was a small gesture that showed how much she cares and how much she supports me in my journey. I am truly blessed.

Now, every up does have a down. Over the weekend we went out to eat a lot….. a lot! And I was great to sticking to my diet the whole time. But, one night we got gyros for dinner and the meal we got came with a 2 liter of RC Cola. Unfortunately, not only did i drink this RC, but I finished off the entire 2 liter. It has been a long time since i had actual soda and i got to say, for  as disappointment as i was that i did drink it, i feel it kind of helped. I realized i don’t have my craving for soda so much anymore and i can actually go without it. Guess it’s true that every Grey Cloud has a Silver lining.

As i have said in a previous post, failures happen and nothing will ever be perfect. It’s not about how many times you fall, but its the strength you have to get back up.

Accountability and Progress


Never Said This Before

I’ve realized that these posts seem to go out with more and more time in between them. This isn’t because I’m slowly giving up or losing interest. the reason for these gaps is that i feel without an impactful update to my journey, they won’t be as joyful to read. I love and appreciate how many of you guys take the time out to read the posts about my life. And if you really enjoy them, I will do my best to post more on here more consistently.

Four Hundred and Thirty Eight Pounds. (In case you were wondering why I type that out instead of doing 438….well it looked weird to start a paragraph out like that. Just roll with it). When i started my journey at 438lbs. Now, i’m not sure if I ever posted that before anywhere, and I know I’ve only ever said it once on a podcast. Some people i know for a fact I’ve lied to about my weight. Most of them were family and coworkers. It’s wasn’t that I was embarrassed of the weight, i did it to myself and at the time accepted my downfalls. I was just tired of people looking at me like “My God! You weigh how much?! Travis…. that’s not good.” But, It’s time to be upfront and accept my faults and live reality.

At my heaviest, I weighed 447lbs. That was April of last year. It’s pretty fucked up that even at that point I didn’t see a reason to adjust and change. But slowly the weight did go away and by the end of the year I reached 438. Nine pounds in 7 months isn’t trying, it’s not caring. As much as I told people i wanted to lose weight and get healthy, I honestly just didn’t care. I just wanted to be left alone and let me be me. But something did change, and it did push me to want to try and be better.

People say the Ghost from your past sometimes come back to haunt you. Well, not all ghost are bad, they not all of them haunt you.  Someone special who I lost touch with for far too long came back into my life At the end of December. I can tell you for 100% certainty that it’s not a coincidence or a New Year Resolution. It’s because of her that I decided to do this. She is the reason that as I sit here at type this today that I sit at 398lbs instead of 438.

This is the first time in almost 5 years that I saw a scale that didn’t start with a 4. Now, as much as this person impacted my life since coming into it, I want to make a disclaimer to all before you say what I believe you’re thinking. No, I’m not doing this for her or the only reason I’m doing this is because of her. I’m doing this for 2 reasons. 1) I’m 28 years old and if I die tomorrow due to excessive unhealthy eating, that’s not only an impact on my life but my family and friends who will lose Travis. 2) I’d like to lay shirtless on a beach somewhere with the fear of PETA trying to roll me back into the water thinking a whale just beached. (Fat Joke)

My journey began because of you. I’m doin the work, but you pushed me to want to be happy again. I’ve said it some many times and I mean every time, we were always good for each other. Thank you for being in my corner.

But it’s not just here. I don’t want to give credit to just one person cause all of you have helped my through this journey. Thank you all too!

February fell short with only 18lbs down. That means 22lbs need to be gone by April 1. But with my support system and beach season around the corner, i need to get moving.

Accountability and Progress.