New Year Started Right

This post will be brief since the New Year just began and not a whole lot has happened. But, Being back on the Keto Diet for just the one week so far has really been noticeable. Not so much in the physical appearance way, but the way i feel.

I am starting up the gym in 2019 again to help attack weight loss on both sides (dieting and exercise). Luckily through my new job, there is an awesome incentive for going to the gym that i would foolish not to take the opportunity to do.

Also, my awesome new co-workers are there to help keep me in check and not to stray off the journey. I’m also excited cause i was told of  a Keto Air fryer cookbook that i should receive this week. time to get life in order and move forward.

I am really excited to see what 2019 has in store for me, since 2018 was more or less a shit show. and it nothing to do with any one, it has do do with the diet and journey. But this will work and I will start rebuilding my happiness.

Accountability and Progress



Excuses are Easier Than Results

Diet isn’t all about actions and planning. Dieting is also a mind set. I tried to motivate myself into believing that I maintain the right mindset going into this Journey and thought that not matter what, I was doing this the right way. I was not….

It has been a couple days short of a year since I began this journey and started committing myself to living a healthier life style. I encouraged myself and motivated myself to be the best I can be to become who I knew I was capable of being. No matter the time frame; whether it be instant or over time, you will eventually realize your failures. The most dangerous failures in the world are the self destructive ones you don’t realize you are causing for yourself.0

I have mentioned it over and over that in May I reached a weight loss point of 60lbs. Summer hit and the emotions of everything derailed me from my goal for well over 4 months and didn’t even have the motivation to move forward with it. It took the words and responses from those who read this journal to tell me how this has helped you and motivated you in your lives. That sparked the drive i was missing to move forward.

I jumped back into this only to once again lose focus and motivation. I sit there and say I put forth the effort 100% and check the scale daily to see any progress. Without the outcome of a weight drop I felt that maybe dieting through Keto has plateaued and that maybe it just won’t work for anymore. I said that this diet would work better if i could afford the proper foods and was able to afford groceries to buy to meal prep and eat right. I said the drive wasn’t there cause the change will mean nothing.

Looking back on all the reasons I’ve stated in the past about the diet not working it was a wake up call that these reasons and nothing more than poor excuses to laziness. it’s not that it cant work for me, it’s that i’m not allowing it to work.

I can easily buy the food i need instead of the quick fixes from fast food places. Despite how i feel about the change reflecting people, I know that family and friends want me to become more healthy. It’s selfish of me to allow laziness to prevent the change without taking into account that the wrong path can cause me to live a shorter life than what the people in my life expect me to have.

How lazy do you have to be to not make the thought of dying at a young age a great motivation factor to make a life style change? I need to stop finding excuses and embrace reasons. I made promises to people that I will be around for a long time and I guess i need to uphold my end of the deal.

2019 is a new beginning to the same journey. I hope that the support will continue and that this journey helps you all as well.

Hope everyone’s holidays were amazing and that you can enjoy this time with the ones you love.

Accountability and Progress

– Travis-T

Got the Biggest Piece of the Wish Bone

The past couple weeks have been the best I’ve had in a long time. There has been so much happiness that occurred that it’s hard to describe it in words. But, of course I can talk and talk and talk and talk.

Thanksgiving is always one of the hardest times of year for people. whether it be cause of difficult family members, ridiculous  travels, your team losing, dry turkey, or even diets. But luckily i was able to maintain a great deal of control when it came to the food to commit 80% to my dieting.

Every year my siblings and i go to my dads for Thanksgiving. Doing so, we have Thanksgiving with my mom early. The Saturday before Thanksgiving my mom had the family at the house for dinner. All the kids plus some great friends who were able to join us as well. Over the years, my weakness at thanksgiving have become sweet potatoes. Not so much the Sweet Potato itself, but the brown sugar and marshmallow of the dish. This was just one of many awesomely prepared things that i did not indulge in. My main meal consist of Turkey, Ham, Devil Eggs, and 7 Layer Salad. And luckily, this was more than enough for me to have a wonderful dinner. Plus, even though my mom is the most supportive person to my Healthy Life Style, she still packed me some pasta salad to take home. (apparently i was suppose to pick the noodles out… meh)

Follow my mom’s Thanksgiving, was my dad’s on Thanksgiving day. And luckily, my dad thought of my as well when preparing dinner. Now it may seem like a normal thing to say, but my dad grew up with the mind set that if something works, why fix it. So changing anything from the norm is rare at Thanksgiving. But he was able to make me the awesome green olive salad, devil eggs, and my tradition…. the turkey leg. I won’t lie though, did have a spoon of his stuffing.

All and all, my Thanksgivings were awesome. Both because of the company and food that was there.

Surprisingly, this wasn’t the biggest surprise of the holiday season. Starting on Mid-December I will be leaving my current job and starting a new career somewhere else. I was so hard to give notice to a company that you saw as something you were helping to become an Elite Dealership, but sometimes you need to look at your life and find what is best for you.  I will always appreciate the opportunities Transchicago have given me and the people i have met along the way. I know they will still stand and do great things without me and i hope them all the best and they have wished me.

It’s not even a new chapter in my life….. this is a whole new book. In about 34 days is when i started this journey. the goal i set for myself is still far out or reach still. But that doesn’t mean it is a fail or it is over.

It’s a new beginning, a new day, a new me. Not even Christmas yet, but 2019 starts right now.

Accountability & Progress

– Travis-T

Find Your Happiness

It took me 29 years of life to realize something… You are never promised happiness. Happiness isn’t something you are entitled to or something you’re just handed without putting forth any type of effort.

I have spent years of my life believing in Fairy Tales and Happily Ever Afters; that belief that no matter what I do in life or how hard I want it, I will eventually have my happily ever after. But thanks to a friend of mine, she helped me realize that just isn’t how life works. It’s like the lottery, you can wish and hope all you want, doesn’t mean it’s going to happen.

It’s important to realize, that you get out of life what you put into it. It doesn’t matter if it’s relationships, friendships, work, school, or even dieting; if you do not put in the effort to create happiness, happiness will not happen.

Every example I listed above takes dedication, commitment, and effort. Somehow we turned into a world that gives up if we don’t have instant gratification to doing the bare minimum.

I lived my life for years with that mentality. If a diet didn’t work the way i wanted it to within the first month, i counted it as a lost and fell into old habits. That can’t be the way we see life.

This diet does work for me, and I believe it will work for me if I work for it.

I will never give up on the True Happiness I always wanted, but I am looking at it from a different perspective. I can’t focus on an “Our” Happiness until I find a “My”

We have to work towards our Happily Ever After. We need to Believe in our own personal fairy tales.

Accountability and Progress



Keto Nugget

Since I started up this diet thing again over the recent months, it’s not as successful as the it was at the beginning of the year. I’m not looking at this as failure. It’s just an opportunity to refine it. So, to do this, I did some cooking today.

Firstly, last year I bought half a cow. I have so much ground beef it’s ridiculous. Since I’m on such a burger kick lately i figure why not make some patties that i can pull out the freezer and make when ever i want. So much easier to pre-make the patties, and also cheaper to make than going to Wendy’s, Burger King, or McDonald’s and buying bunless burgers.

Secondly, I forgot that along with this cow, i had this huge steak in my freezer. Grilled that up and was able to cut it down into 3 normal size steaks to enjoy over the never couple days.

Lastly, and the best thing of all, I finally made Keto Nuggets!!! A buddy of mine was so kind to buy me a tub of pork rinds so i would have a good Keto Snack alternative to anything else that I would normally snack on. I was never been a huge fan of pork rinds, but since i started this diet, they kind of grew on me. It’s the same as the Keto Brownie someone made me once. You grow to enjoy the taste your not normal to. So thanks guys for being supportive and helping me out.

So, i was asked for the recipe for these Keto Nuggets, and it’s kind of hard to give you something exact because i didn’t measure a damn thing haha. But this is the simplest way i can share it. I cooked mine i the air fryer…. i recommend you get one

What you need:

2 – large Chicken breast (cut into equal nugget size pieces)

1 – Egg

1/2 Cup – Almond Flour

1 Cup – Mayo

Pork Rinds

Salt, Pepper, Garlic Powder, and Paprika for Season

First, you need to combine the Cut up Chicken and seasonings into a Bowl and mix well. The seasonings is going to have to be your preference on flavor. I love a garlic flavor so i add more. Just make sure the chicken is covered and mix up. Then add the Egg, Mayo, and Flour to the bowl and mix it all up. set it aside for about 20min.

Then take a bunch or pork rinds and put it through a food processor to make it into a bread crumb appearance. Again the amount of Rind Crumbs will depend on how much chicken you plan to make. You also want to put the seasoning in the crumbs (minus the salt cause rinds have enough of that)

That each piece of Chicken and coat it in the rind crumbs and place the pieces in the Air Fryer. Don’t overlap and leave a little space between the pieces. Set the air fryer to 375 and set timer for 10-12 min.

And That’s it! it was super easy to make and i enjoy them by themselves, or with buffalo sauce or ranch.

And like i said, i didn’t take exact measurements on these things, so just use the same ingredients and you’ll be fine.

I posted a picture of the in the Freakin Journey Facebook page, so if you follow that you can see how they turned out.

Please share any recipes you have!!

So far the best tasting thing I have had was these Keto Lemon Squares Someone made me. Hopefully i can find that recipe and make those again.

I have been blessed to have so many good people involved in this journey. No matter if it’s been this whole time, or if they were about of it for a brief moment, an impact is an impact.

I know i am not alone in this journey. And i hope you know you aren’t either.

Accountability and Progress


Three is Just as Good as Five

Getting back into dieting is harder than starting a diet. I never thought that was possible. I always thought that if i took a break from dieting that getting back into it would be so easy because i have been doing it for so long. But this is not the case at all. Getting back into this is happening, just going to have to take it one step at a time. One day at a time.

So as i mentioned last week, I did a diet that was suppose to boost me back into ketosis. For 5 straight days all i was suppose to do i eat avocado and a Green Drink Mix. After just 3 days i decided it was not for me. But i’m glad i did it, cause it showed me that this diet and this journey is a marathon, not a sprint.

The weight is about the same since May, not a success, but not a huge fail. The one thing i hate right now is i feel that i look fatter than i did when i even started this whole journey. Obviously this is possible, but it probably isn’t as bad as i make it out to be. If you know me at all, i have a way of over exaggerate things, especially when it comes to my personal appearance. I have never been a huge positive person when it comes to my own looks, but still have an mental positive outlook about where i am at with my journey.

So the next step in where i am heading in this journey is this amazing gift my mom have bought me through Groupon. She got me these meal plans that are built for keto and I am really excited to utilize this for my journey and continue to move forward to get my beach bod.

Again, I want to thank you guys for taking an interest in these entries and i am beyond touched by the people who tell me that they enjoy them and how much they help. I am not always the greatest person and sometime I can be the worse person. But If i can make an impact or a difference in someones life, then i know for a brief moment,  i am a good person.

Accountability and Progress


Lets Give This a Shot

Been a long time since I posted and I apologized for that. I posted a poll on my Facebook to see if anyone wanted me to (or even cared) continue to put these out. I never expected the reaction I got from it. I wasn’t surprised I got some no’s, but it was amazing how many people actually took the time out to say yes. I truly showed me that you guys care enough about me.

So as a promise to a friend, I will move forward with these and do my very best to put out more. The honest reason i haven’t been on top of this as much as i want to be is the simple fact that I have just been lazy about it. It’s not that my heart isn’t in it, and it’s not because i’m in a bad place….. it’s truly just plain laziness. But laziness doesn’t make for a good life style change. If i can find the motivation to write this, how can i motivate my self to make a better Travis?

So changes have happened since my last post.  An great friend has helped me make it back into the gym to start working on becoming more fit. I haven’t gone as much as i need to, but that will for sure change quickly. I also want to give respect to her for going even when i don’t. she is a huge motivator now.

Also a huge motivator is a friend i went to dinner with recently. (Happy Belated Birthday to you by the way….know you’re going to read this) Even though we don’t see each other as much as we use to, she is the biggest supporter of my journey and this journal. And when we do get the opportunity to talk, she ask me all the time when i’m going to write again. She has a good heart and really doesn’t want me to fail, just like all of you who read these.

So I have been out of Keto for a while now and been combing the internet on how i can get myself back into the swing of this. I found a few articles and videos on a way to do so…. that some may not agree with. But I’m going to give it a shot and see what happens.

So, here is my meal plane for the next 5 days. 1 Avocado and Green Drink in the Morning. 1 Avocado and Green Drink in the Evening. And that’s it. from what i hear, this should kick start my Ketosis and help me get back on track. It may seem like a horrible plan and may seem like a bad choice, but I didn’t know Keto would work until i tried it. If at some point this isn’t good for me then I won’t continue. But luckily this is only suppose to be one week a month thing. No risk, no reward right?

I hated how 2018 started to fall apart this pass summer, but now it’s time to rebuild. I can’t change the last 5 months. I can only learn from them.

Accountability and Progress